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What’s in those audits

During the analysis it is necessary to check:

  • Presence of errors in the code;
  • prompt loading of the source;
  • quality of layout, hosting;
  • correct server responses;
  • No duplicates of the page;
  • Redirects work correctly;
  • Optimal server settings and site indexing.

Why do you need a technical audit?

Technical audit primarily aims to identify hidden errors that can clearly affect your SEO. It is the list of these errors that clearly sets the task for the content manager and Front-End developer to correct them.

Can you see an example of a technical audit?

Of course! You can contact us and we can send one of the processed technical audits of one of our projects.

Who fixes the technical audit?

It is often corrected by the site owner with periodic involvement of the programmer.

We also have a Site Support service that includes technical audit error correction may be included.

How important is it to fix technical errors?

Usually, correcting technical audit errors is a critical task: without correcting these errors, it is sometimes difficult to promise any results to promote the site. Duplicate pages, indexing issues, and broken links can generally put an end to a resource’s promotion.

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