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How to protect yourself from the deception of SEO-studios

Today, no one is surprised by SEO business. This is a business of promoting Internet sites, and only at first glance it seems something not serious. But in fact, considerable sums of money are turning in this business. Site owners are ready to give an impressive amount of money to ensure that their site ranks first in search engines. To bring the site to the first page of the search engine will cost the owners $ 850-1000 (the amount will vary depending on the number of promoted requests). But this does not guarantee that the site will remain in the leading positions: now in the SEO business there are many fraudulent schemes – you pay money, and a month later your site is no longer on the first pages of the search engine, and not even on the fiftieth. To return money in such a situation is practically unreal.

SEO-companies: there are either a conveyor type (they serve a wide variety of clients), or SEO-studios that lead several clients for a long time. There are hundreds of customers in conveyor-type companies, and thus imposing fraudulent schemes is much easier. It happens according to the following algorithm:

  • You are announced the amount for the promotion, naturally much lower than that of competitors. You are pleased, and accordingly agree to order the required amount of work.
  • Your project takes time … three hours from the power to print a beautiful 30-page report on the alleged work done using a proven template.
  • A month later, you do not notice the result of the promotion, but you receive a beautiful report with promises by e-mail.
  • Another month goes by – and there’s still no declared customer flow … You suspected something was wrong, and you decided to break the cooperation.
  • At this stage, you are promised discounts, they assure that you have to wait a little bit more … Everything, just to shake some more money out of you. In the course comes the psychological pressure on the client.
  • You agree, or refuse – it does not matter, as the sales department scored a few dozen such as you – pecked at a low price for promotion.

Such a completely banal, but effective fraud scheme. Proving a deception and returning money is almost impossible.

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