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How to choose SMM agency

What should you look for when choosing partners among agencies:

  1. Specialization . Preferences should be given to those who are engaged exclusively in promotion in social networks and do not try to cover everything.
  2. Portfolio . A good agency should have a portfolio. Usually you can find him on the agency’s website.
  3. Performance achievement goals . If you have already decided on the goals and objectives of promotion in social networks, then now you need to understand how to achieve and how to measure these goals. In a good agency, having studied your strategy, you will be sure to recommend which metrics you should rely on in your work, and most importantly, they will explain why. If they call you KPI and do not explain why this is necessary, then the agency simply wants to choose lighter indicators for itself, not paying attention to the needs of the client.
  4. Experience . Your future partner should have experience in the promotion of social networks. Therefore, ask what the team will work on your project, see the company’s blog, read what they write about, if they understand what you need.
  5. Testimonials . A good agency always has feedback from clients about working with it. There are no screenshots from social networks and not reviews, about how well they were trained by SMM in this agency. If you order a promotion, then the reviews should be about this and with the real names of those who left this review and their contacts (phones, e-mail). So that you can contact this person and question him in detail.
  6. Price . Do not choose their partners for the price. The price criterion should be included last, when all other parameters are equal or conditionally equal.

You should not choose an agency by the criterion of working with your niches or competitors. This may seem very tempting, the agency has experience in your business and it will show results faster. But there are two main questions: 1. Do you really think that you have no differences from your competitors at all and that you will immediately receive their indicators? 2. Most likely that the work done for your money will be used to promote your competitors?

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